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Stressed Man

We are all living in stressful times.  Even prior to the worry and stress surrounding the current COVID-19



Stress can be associated with worrying about our family, our friends, ourselves. It can be financial and sometimes our stress is associated with situations over which, unfortunately, we have no control. 

When our stress levels are high, they can in turn become anxiety and whilst stress and anxiety are not always bad, in fact anxiety is a normal reaction to danger, often referred to as the body's fight-or-flight response.  Problems arise when anxiety is constant or overwhelming and when worries and fears are having a detrimental effect on everyday life and relationships. Too much stress can actually therefore make you ill, both mentally and physically.


The symptoms associated with stress include your emotions, behaviour, thinking ability and physical health.  Symptoms of stress can vary as everyone handles stress in different ways.  However, emotional symptoms will often include becoming easily agitated, moody and frustrated.  Feeling as if you are losing control, or perhaps feeling that you need to take control.  Experiencing difficulty in relaxing and in addition your mind racing.  Having low esteem, feeling worthless and depressed.  Possibly avoiding other people's company.

Physical symptoms can include low energy, often headaches, possibly an upset stomach and this can include both diarrhoea and constipation, together with nausea.  Muscle problems, which are tense and often experiencing aches and pains.  Insomnia, rapid heartbeat and chest pains, together with frequent colds and infections can all be attributed to stress.  In addition loss of sexual desire, possibly the feelings of nervousness and even shaking with ringing in the ears.  Cold sweaty hands and feet possibly a dry mouth with difficulty in swallowing and in addition the clenching of the jaw and possibly the grinding of teeth.   The symptoms are different to each person and sometimes may seem quite mild.  However, if you find yourself constantly worrying, with racing thoughts and being forgetful and perhaps disorganised.  Being pessimistic and negative and having poor judgement, all of these are indicators of stress.  Often an eating disorder is associated with stress either overeating or not eating enough.  Drinking or smoking too much, avoiding responsibility and exhibiting nervous behaviour such as nail biting or possibly pacing.

Contact Hypnocares to discuss solution focused therapy for stress.


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