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Love them or Hate them Spiders Are on the March

My little (or not so little) friend pictured below, was caught in Spain and safely released by me outside.

We all know that it's that time of year when male spiders in our home's are more noticeable. They are on the march to find their lady spider mate's and whilst we should be really grateful to spiders, that's easier said than done when you experience arachnophobia. Whilst it isn't uncommon for people to dislike arachnids or insects, spider or arachnid phobia, can have a significant impact on everyday life . The fear experienced can make life absolutely miserable. Decisions can be taken regarding holidays, where you travel and where you live all based around the fear of spiders/arachnids.

Hypnotherapy and EFT can be used for phobias and often can be life changing. Contact Hypnocares for a free consultation to discuss where you are with respect to a phobia and where you would like to see yourself in the future.

Contact Sharon Mason to organise an initial free consultation:-

Telephone: 07538 470420


Or complete the enquiry form on the web site

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